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Life, Language and Culture: Explorations-I, 1/e
Life, Language and Culture: Explorations-I, 1/e
Cengage Learning India
ISBN : 9788131515945
Pages : 128
Binding : Paperback
Trim Size : 216 mm X 140 mm
Imprint : Cengage Learning India
© Year : 2012
Price : INR 165.00
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This anthology of literature is an integrated skills reading text that focuses on aspects of life, language and culture of some ed countries and their reflection through literature.

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1. Integrated skills activities combine the readings with other language work
2. Pre-reading activities provide learners with cultural, topical, and historical information
3. Literary analysis exercises help students recognise literary elements and write or speak about literature
4. Journal writing encourages learners to respond to the text
5. Culture points help enrich the course by expanding the versatility of the book

1. Bade Bhai Saab (My Elder Brother)
by Munshi Premchand
2. The Hawk and the Tree
by Mohammad Azam Rahnaward Zaryab
3. The Festival of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Sri Lanka
based on the Travelogues of Fa Hien
4. To Be or Not to Be
by Zaheda Hina
5. The Cop and the Anthem
by O. Henry

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